Packages and Prices

To give an idea of the types of support I can give you and your business I've created the following packages. As every business is different they can be tailored to your specific needs.
If you have a specific project you would like to discuss please contact me for a quote.


Catering Business Review

Do you need a fresh pair of eyes to look at your business? I can take an independent snapshot of how it's performing and make recommendations to improve it.  This can include the following points but every business is different so it will be tailored to your specific needs:

  • Take a snap-shot of how the business is currently performing, current sales, cost margins and comment on profitability
  • Review the labour structure, costs and rotas
  • Review the current food and drink offer, list recommendations of how to improve it
  • Procurement review. Supplier pricing, margins, support and quality
  • Current profitability, make recommendations to improve your bottom line
  • Brainstorm different ideas for improving the use of your space and it's appearance. Provide references and images to back up ideas  
  • Recommendations for creating more awareness about your catering offer that will encourage more engagement 

Available from £950 + VAT


Do you or your catering team need regular support to help deliver your personal or business goals? One of the most common comments I hear in cultural venues is that the caterer speaks a different language from the rest of the organisation and can sometimes feel isolated.  I can help build those relationships between departments or individuals so mutual goals can be achieved:

  • Initial meeting to establish the purpose of the catering business, review current performance and set goals
  • Produce an action plan focusing on measurable tasks that will improve profit, quality and customer service
  • Focus on unblocking the key challenges and finding creative solutions 
  • Follow up meetings to review progress against goals
  • Offer support, encouragement and advice in a protected environment that allows the individual to gain confidence and leadership skills

This is designed to offer ongoing support either monthly or quarterly depending on your needs. Prices start from £250 + VAT per session.   

London foodie tours     - walk and talk

Are you in need of inspiration? Do you need to get out of your bubble for an hour or two?  I offer tours of London's latest cafes and venues, places that are leading the way with current trends and offering innovative foodie experiences.  A tour can be tailored to suit your needs depending on what ideas and inspiration you’re looking for.

After a phone/Skype call to understand what you would like to see I’ll put together a route and where possible arrange to meet managers of venues.

Do you have a catering challenge you’re battling with? While we walk I can offer a fresh perspective with insights based on my experience to enable you to overcome it.   

Prices start at £100 + Vat and very much depend on the length of the tour.