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I was once the event manager at London Zoo. After a prestigious event I received an email from the Zoo’s head of marine biology who stated that the swordfish canapés we’d proudly served were the equivalent of serving 'tiger on a toothpick' as they’re such a threatened species. At the time I didn't know or care much about sustainable seafood but I’d also taken up diving and the divers I was meeting around the world were telling me about how their local seas were changing and wildlife numbers were dwindling.  I realised there was something to all this sustainable stuff and these moments started me on a journey to understand how our eating habits affect the planet's resources.  

I now firmly believe the hospitality industry has a responsibility to support protecting these resources for future generations.  When done well successful businesses can be built and flourish from sustainable foundations.

So, having spent my career managing catering in various hotels, two stadiums, a zoo and most recently a great theatre, I've now founded authentic to support the creation of remarkable low-impact businesses that will passionately tell their stories and change something too.  

When not working you'll find me rambling, scrambling, diving, paddling, exploring, eating and laughing around our fine planet.

I'm also a dad.  My daughter keeps me curious, seeing the world through her eyes helps me look at things differently. She also reminds me that it's important to play and not take life too seriously. 

You can create wonderful things with lots of passion and strong coffee.